The Woof Guide: How to Throw a Diamond Jubilee Pooch Party


This time next week, thousands of people across the UK will be celebrating the Queen’s 60-year reign with a street party, BBQ or even heading to the Thames to watch the Diamond Jubilee Pageant but who says the celebrations should only be reserved for humans? Party celebrations for dogs are already hugely popular in the States and they are now on the up in the UK so much so that they are dedicated websites such as Gimmie Chew catering specifically for man’s best friend’s pooch party needs.

If you’re not quite convinced – canine parties provide a great opportunity for your dog to socialise and the furry attendees will love the extra fuss, attention and stimulation that they will receive by being at the party.

So if you are already planning your own celebrations to commemorate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee why not extend the fun to your four-legged friend and his canine companions. Gimmie Chew shares their party planning tips for a celebration of Royal Corgi standards!

The Guest List 
This list should only be dogs that your dog has met before and is comfortable with. Dog parties can get quite lively so it isn’t advisable to introduce a new dog fresh to the pack. Socialisation parties are best on a smaller, calmer scale. We recommend that no more than six dogs attend; this way the party can remain controlled, which means your dog and his/her guests get to enjoy themselves. It’s also recommended that you don’t try tackle a dog party on your on – having a few extra people on hand to help is advised if things are to go smoothly.

Where will you hold your party – indoors or out? Will it be in your garden or are you considering holding it in a park or a field where you regularly walk? If the party is held inside, you need to consider such as will the dogs have easy access to outdoors to go about their toilet business or are all your valuables out of ‘chewing' reach? If it’s in the park then it’s probably advisable that the dogs are kept on a long lead and maybe you consider adding a poo-bag to each party bag.

Party Food
Every party needs great food but be careful not to load up the dogs with too many treats. Gimmie Chew offers special party packs with just the right amount of wholesome, gourmet goodies including yummy biscuits and cakes, which they advise you serve broken up in smaller amounts perhaps in exchange for a sit or paw shake - and any leftovers can be sent home with the party guests in their treat bags. It’s also important to have plenty of fresh water available in an accessible place, as excitement is thirsty work.

For both the dogs and their hu-mums and dads, don’t forget the décor. For a right Royal knees-up bring out the Union Jack bunting and add some dog-inspired touches such as green carpet for a VIP arrival, union jack themed water bowls and decorate the walls or the trees with pictures of the Queen’s four-legged subjects.

Dress Code
Encourage owners to bring their pooches dressed up for the occasion with patriotic or diamond inspired outfits and accessories. Diva Dogs has a great range of Union Jack themed neckerchiefs, party collars, dresses and tuxedos, or for pooch princesses why not shop around for a blingy dog tiara or diamond hair clips. And maybe you could consider hosting an award for the best-dressed dog?

You’ve sent out the invites, decorated the venue, you and your pooch are eagerly awaiting the guests but what are you going to do with them? Gimmie Chew has compiled a list of games that dogs of all shapes and sizes will enjoy.

  • Fetch – include a ring or a ball in each party bag - the first dog to bring it back wins.
  • Hide and Seek - hide a toy or treats and let the dogs seek them out, the first to find them is the winner. Another alternative is to hide a toy or treat under an upturned box, display it in the middle of the room and encourage the dogs to get the treat from underneath – a game that will keep them entertained for a while.
  • Musical sit - let the dogs run/walk around to the music. When the music stops, the owners must make the dogs sit. Last dog to be seated is out.

And don’t forget to reward the winners of each game – a small toy or treat works just fine.

Now that all the dogs are suitable entertained what about the humans? Continue the pooch and Royal theme with a game of Corgi Pinata, or pin the tail on the corgi – fun games for the whole family to join in with and enjoy.  

For ready-made party packs complete with invites and envelopes, bunting, toys, food treats and treat bags visit Gimmie Chew. You can also follow them on Twitter @GimmieChew. We hope you enjoy a fantastic celebration and we’d love to see your pups in their Jubilee finery so please send in your pics to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Happy pooch partying!

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