The Woof Guide: Mungo & Maud Pet Boutique


Arriving at Mungo & Maud pet boutique in South West London at the end of a typical journey on public transport, pup and I were somewhat stressed. Basil especially after an encounter with a pair of fiddle-waving buskers who’d jumped our tube to play out-of-tune, high-pitched ditties. However, upon opening the door of what is probably the most beautiful pet boutique we’ve ever seen, our stress was immediately washed away for we were greeted with gold star biscuits treats, fresh water, warm smiles and sweet smells - so on the last point alone, Mungo & Maud is not your average pet store.


Each shelf is lined with an array of enticing goodies and accessories offering function, fun, durability, quality and style to your dog, and cats for those multi-pet households like us. Mungo & Maud’s range include items such as hemp fabric dog toys, organic treats, wooden dog bowls, cashmere sweaters, hand-stitched leather collars, pet perfume and luxury beds plus complimentary items for the stylish dog owner too.


Wishing we could buy everything in sight, our visit was a serious exercise in restraint. Not wanting to over-indulge our already spoilt rotten Basil too much, we decided upon the Pull My Leg Rhino Toy (shown below) who's limbs attached by Velcro, which was elegantly packaged up in a pretty ribbon tied paper bag (more for our benefit than Basil’s). Little man absolutely loves this toy, and we regularly find limbs randomly discarded around the house by our little savage! While prices are higher than most pet shops, they're still accessible, plus you get what you pay for. Pick up a toy for £11 or splash out for a special occasion with one of their luxury pullovers, which start at approximately £80. 

Mungo & Maud’s boutique is situated on picturesque Elizabeth Street near to Sloane Square, which according to store staff is a very dog-friendly area with many a fancy pooch trotting up and down the street. Post purchase, we took ourselves to nearby Tomtom Coffee House at 114 Ebury Street for a quick caffeine boost before setting off home. Their flat white, made fresh from their own beans, was divine and Basil was allowed inside (small dogs allowed) so we would recommend a visit whilst in the area.

Mungo & Maud is located at 79 Elizabeth Street, London, SW1W 9PJ, Monday to Saturday from 10am to 6pm. You can also visit their online store at MungoandMaud.com. To help you on your way, we share our favourite items – Rhino down, six more to go.


1. Puffer Vest in Navy (for humans) - £122.50. 2. Beetle Dog Coat in Navy - £130. 3. Brass Coloured Dog Bone Tag - £16.80. 4. Rope Dog Collar Chocolate - from £59.50. 5. Organic Pumpkin Dog Biscuits in Bag - £16.25. 6. Pull My Leg Rhino Dog Toy, £22.95. 7. Petite Amande Dog Fragrance - £44.

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