The Woof Guide: Handbags & Poobags’ Author Shares her Doggy Directory


Earlier this week we reviewed the hilarious dog-tale Handbags and Poobags: Tales Of A Soho Boxer. Today the book’s author, Alice Wright, opens up her ‘little bark book’ to share some of her recommended picks of places to stay or hangout with your dog, pup services and general doggy mutt-haves.

Favourite Dog Friendly Café 
Metrodeco in Brighton - see the doggy diner above! It’s rare to find a vintage style tea-room that will allow dogs but this one is beyond the norm. Pretty, rarified and stuffed full of beautiful furniture and accessories including dog figurines and such, even the naughtiest of dogs is compelled to behave in this salon. They serve a vast array of delicious teas and homemade cakes. For details, visit their website Metro-deco.com.


Favourite Dog Friendly Hotel 
The Grand Hotel in Brighton - as pictured above. The famous and imposing seafront icon is actually a friendly, homely place that allows smaller, well-trained dogs by arrangement. They even provide ‘Dog In Room’ signs for the doors. To book visit their website.

Favourite Dog Friendly Pub
The Junction Tavern in Kentish Town. Forget the fabulous food, the pretty garden and the regular beer festivals, it’s the dedication to the four-legged guests that lifts this pub above the ordinary. Personal water bowls, jars of treats and a warm welcome for every dog that often leaves you standing at the bar waiting to get served make this a great canine destination - they’ll even cut up a steak for your dog and serve it in a silver bowl. Your dog can also make an anipal with their resident dog Mack. For their location and menu, visit Junctiontavern.co.uk.


Favourite Dog Purchase
Head to Lucies Farm for all manner of dog party, comestibles. We got Basil’s Birthday Party Fayre from there including a CAKE – a full-sized birthday cake suitable for both dogs and humans. You can even get a laser printed picture of their face on the icing. We did it for Basil’s first birthday party - see above for his squishy mush! We also ordered the haddock flavoured, ice-cream and peanut butter dog biscuits. Visit Luciesfarm.co.uk for details.

Favourite Dog Photographer 
Sausages! As Basil was unable to attend our wedding we had a huge canvas print of him made up to hang on the wall during the reception. Sam at Sausages snapped him wearing a bow-tie and looking very smart. It meant he could appear in the wedding photos! Get your dog booked in for his own photo-shoot with Sausages, just visit their website K9sausages.com.

Favourite Dog Book
Buster’s Diaries as told to Roy Hattersley. Not your normal dog memoir, as it’s written by the hound himself. Buster gets in trouble over an upsetting goose incident and wonders if his owner has a poop fetish as he seems to keep picking it up. Captures the spirit of ‘dog’ brilliantly. Order your copy from Amazon.

Favourite Dog Film 
Bombon El Perro. Don’t be put off by the fact this is a foreign language film, if you speak ‘dog’ you’ll get it. Unlucky Coco’s life changes for the better when he unexpectedly acquires a dog. Beautifully shot and a charming tale. I was weeping throughout. Order your copy from Amazon.

Handbags and Poobags - Tales Of A Soho Boxer author Alice Wright, aged 39, lives in Hove with her husband, young son and dog Basil. She runs a successful PR agency and writes regularly for MSN UK, The Huffington Post and her local newspaper. Keep up to date on her happenings on Twitter @AliceCantCook.

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Metro-deco photo credit: Emmagutteridge.com

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