WIN | Furbo Treat-Tossing Dog Camera

Posted on Monday, 20 February 2017

 To celebrate Love Your Pet Day, we’re giving away a treat-tossing Furbo Dog Camera worth RRP £199.

So say goodbye to separation anxiety when you leave for work or play - I’m talking to you crazy dog lady, not the dog - and hello to stalking your furry beloved’s every move, which you can do 24:7 should you wish. Furbo simply connects via an app to your phone, tablet or watch, and et voila, you’re instantly hooked up a la Big Brother Mother. 

Satisfying your obsession with your dog aside, here’s seven bloody good reasons you want to win a Furbo for you and your dog:

  1. It tosses treats on your command – that's the dog sold!
  2. AND to reward positive responses and good behaviour, Furbo’s treat tosser automatically makes a clicking sound before dispensing a treat, so your dog continues their training studies even when you're not around
  3. The Furbo let’s you have a two-way ‘conversation’ so you can keep your fur bae updated on all the goss on the go
  4. Should your pooch become all agitated and barkie while they fly solo, Furbo sends you a notification, allowing you to connect and diffuse the doggy distress situation. Handy for those teetering on being issued an ASBO for bad ass barker
  5. It looks super nice so its presence won’t offend you or your interiors
  6. The tech stacks up, with a 720p HD camera featuring a 120° wide-angle lens, 4x digital zoom and infrared LED night vision for monitoring and clear pictures and videos, and a Crisp, built-in speaker and ultra-sensitive microphone for two-way audio
  7. Enter to win and you’ll save yourself £199

Furbo TreatTossing DogCam 2

Sold? To ENTER our Furbo prize draw, simple COMPLETE the FORM below. The Furbo prize draw closes at noon on Monday 20 March 2017. Share the chance to win the Furbo by sharing this message to Facebook and Twitter: I’ve entered @Barkarama #prizedraw to #win a #Furbodogcam. Enter too: http://bit.ly/WinAFurboLYPD


This competition is now closed.





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