Style Guide To Doggy Neckwear

Mixing in furry fashion circles and laying his paws on some of the best swag in the land, Basil has become quite the pet style graduate. However, before he contemplates petwear dilemmas such as cashmere Vs merino for his next season doggy sweater, he knows that serious pet style starts with a great collar and lead combo, sometimes with a hint of an accessory. In this post we share four style tips for doing doggy neckwear right.

For a cool cohesive canine look, match the metal hardware (buckle and clip) on your dog’s collar and lead. 

Basil’s look: Wolfgang Latigo Leather Dog Collar from £13.99, Dezynadog.co.uk | Interstellar Lead By Frenchie Bulldog Supply – similar style at Leadthewalk.com.

While Basil and I flip out at mismatched hardware, mixing up materials and/or prints is A-OK in our pet style rulebook. Consider stripes (or chevrons) and leopard as neutrals, mix one black and white pattern with another, double up on the same print in different colours, pair the pattern but mix up the sizes…get the idea? If you are feeling nervous about unleashing your dog’s inner Carrie ‘Barkshaw’, build confidence with a simple mix-match style, as shown on Basil, with a patterned collar and solid colour lead. Pretty soon your dog will be a mixed-up pet style all sort. 

Basil’s look: See Scout Sleep Nice Grill Dog Collar in Black and Cream, £30, Leadthewalk.com | Fashion Leather Rolled Lead in Orange, £39.95, Themutznutz.com | Pethaus Raw Denim Dog Coat, £40, Leadthewalk.com 

Unless money is no object, if you’re going to splash out on an expensive leather collar and lead set for your dog, go for neutrals that won’t date such as black, grey, tan. If you can't bear to give up colour, opt for classic bright leathers - we love Hermes orange or pillar-box red, which will see your dog trotting along with air of luxury. 

Basil’s look: Gerald Collar & Lead Set, from £72, Maisonlelou.com

Let’s be clear – we’re not dissing doggy bow ties. Many of Basil’s pup idols are bow tie wearers and wear them well but when you’re packing a big set of pecs like Basil, you need something more substantial, which is why doggy bandanas are our preferred neckwear accessory. Dog bandanas are a great way to switch up your dog’s look, are a cheaper way to buy into trends and in summer, we recommend popping them into cold water before wear to help keep your dog cool on walks.

Basil’s look: Cubism Dog Bandana in Blue & Amber; £14, Rokabone.com | Fashion Leather Collar in Orange and Rolled Lead, from £19.95, Themutznutz.com

PHOTOGRAPHY: Racheloatespetphotography.com

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