Hound-Raising At Dog-Friendly Hangout The Bike Shed Motorcycle Club, Shoreditch

After a Christmas of binging on the Sons of Anarchy on Netflix, kicking off 2017 with this post feels right. We say shove a paw up to clean living, best behaviour and New Year Resolutions that you know and we know you’re gonna break - be more bad ass mother pupper!

If you’re looking for somewhere to hound-raise and hang out with fellow badass barkers and their humans, rev up and head straight to our new fave food/booze/music/bikes/barber shop, dog-friendly hangout, The Bike Shed Motorcycle Club in Shoreditch. Sporting their finest PetHaus "Heavy Metal Parking Lot" Raglan Dog Tees straight outta the mean streets of Melbourne, the Big Ears Boys Club founding members Basil and Winston let us dog mamas come along for the ride…


The Hangout: The Bike Shed Motorcycle Club is spread across four renovated railway arches in the heart of London’s Shoreditch and offers its patrons a café, restaurant, bar, shop, gallery and barbershop. It’s dog-friendly all day long with live music on Thursday night, and has under floor heating to keep your pup warm while they rest from misdemeanours. Food is served from breakfast through dinner. We did breakfast – Huevo Rancheros and the Full Bike Shed Breakfast, which both the dogs gave their seal of approval. Check ‘em out: The Bike Shed Motorcycle Club, 384 Old Street, London EC1V 9LT. More info at: Thebikeshed.cc

The Dog Cuts: "Heavy Metal Parking Lot" Raglan Dog Tees from the Kings of attitude, PetHaus.com. Basil wears the Muttallica “Master of Puppies” thrash metal dog tee, while Winston goes bark and roll in “Rolling Bones”! Get them while they’re hot at Pethaus.com.au

Photography: the Master of Puppy pics, Rachel Oates of Rachel Oates Pet Photography. Please do not replicate any of these shots without crediting Barkarama and Rachel Oates otherwise we’ll set the Big Ears Boys Club on you. You’ve been warned!

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