Christmas Gift Wish Lists, Naughty & Nice ‘Tails’ and More From Some Of Our Fave Pets With Profile – Part Two

I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s festive themed post courtesy of Dolly Pawton, Ari of Honey I Dressed The Pug, Elle Grrl Genius and Gigi The Pug. Today, we turn to some of our fave dogs of the blogs, a pet pillow muse and especially for the feline aficionados, a kitty tastemaker who we love ‘pawing’ over on Insta, to discover their festive plans, naughty and nice ‘tails’ and what they hope Santa Paws will be bringing this Christmas. Hopefully you find some inspiring gift ideas in there too!

Part of Basil’s hangout squad with his pal @WinnyTheCorgi, Frida is the sweetest mash-up of a French Bulldog and a Brussels Griffon, with the best under-bite I ever did see. She’s fearless, a total tomboy and I adore her. Not content with one social profile, this fox poo high roller has three Insta outlets - @Fridagrenchie @Growlmama @Growlees

The top 3 gifts Frida would like to find under her tree 
So my cheap Growlmama tried to hijack this list and stuff it full of things for her: smart trainers, dog art and so-called dogmama jewelry to help us “share our love”. Fortunately, I’ve kept a tight leash on her list. 

  1. Lucite Miji dog bed from WowBow London – this is top of MY 2017 list, YES AGAIN Growlmama. It’s so 70s fabulous and I promise not to eat it (unlike all the other naff beds you’ve picked up for me along the way)
  2. A dog-friendly stay at the uber-cool Town Hall Hotel, East London - it’s only up the road from where we live but who doesn’t love a weekend away?  Dreaming of Egyptian cotton sheets, a full-English and a late-night rendezvous with resident hound Dizzy. I may be a little “compact” but I do love a tall handsome dog. #JustSaying
  3. Snacks obvs particularly UK-based CC Bear Edibles - holidays make me hungry (actually everything does) so do the best treats. These ones are #healthyAF, taste super delish and I am sure they reverse the effects of the fried chicken I snaffle on walks during the week – just like the green juice my mom drinks to counter the wine

Naughty or nice in 2017 Frida?
I am perfection-in-a-dogsuit, though on occasion I have been reprimanded for a roll in the fox. Eau de fox is my flava. On the nice, I fall in love with every dog I see: @winnythecorgi, Basil Barkarama, @seymouryogapup your hearts are mine. But I promise I am a monogamist.

How Frida’s spending Christmas: this year will be spent with me leering puppy dog eyes through Skype to Australia while my Growlmama lives it up with her “human” family.  Post Skype, I’ll scoff turkey and gallivant around the park with my best pals in Margate (without hint of a memory of that bitch in Australia). 

Frida’s final festive word: Life is short. Play nicely this Christmas fur-iends. And don’t forget: Be more dog. Much love Frida and Growlmama x

Belinha is one of the busiest dogs on the social circuit, sniffing out the best events London has to offer for doggos for her dog mama’s award-winning blog The Dogvine. Rescued from the streets of Brazil and now residing in London, we think she’s always get a bit of salsa in her pawstep! Follow Belinha @TheDogvine

The 3 gifts Belinha would like to find under her tree, as shared by dog mom Teresa

  1. The Charley Chau Ducky Donut Bed in Blush or Dark Grey – with all that cosy comfiness Belinha (or Queen B as she’s known at home) would think she had finally got the bed fit for a queen she so deserves
  2. Palm print collar and flamingo print lead from Shed Brooklyn - you can take the girl out of Rio but you can’t take Rio out of the girl...ever obsessed with all things tropical we’re in love with the understated coolness of this combo. The fact that they are vegan too is a paws-up all round
  3. Stately Hound Hula Bandana - we firmly believe a stylish dog can never have too many accessories so this bandana continues our quest to look tropically stylish 

Has Belinha been naughty or nice in 2017?
Belinha is the ultimate pizza thief, even cold uncooked pizza covered in chilli! One Friday evening I was looking forward to an evening of Netflix and pizza and started to get my pizza ready. I had to nip upstairs for literally two minutes so left it on the kitchen counter waiting to pop in the oven. When I came back the pizza was nowhere to be seen but there was Belinha licking her lips in the kitchen looking oh so innocent. Belinha is not an athletic dog and the kitchen counter is quite high so I don’t know how she did it but now, pizzas don’t get left out even for a second.

How The Dogvine will be spending Christmas: we’ll just be enjoying the time off together with lots of extra cuddles. We will probably be off to sniff out some new dog-friendly London hangouts too.

Belinha photo credit: Emma O’Brien

Follow @Cheshireandwain on Instagram for this sliver of silver purrfection that is Percy Peter Wells, who we’re completely in love with. When he’s not being muse and cat executive officer for luxury cat lifestyle brand Cheshire & Wain, he’s napping on small chairs or doing his party piece of carrying balloons around the house.

The top 3 gifts Percy would like to find under his tree

  1. Cheshire & Wain x Choupette’s Diary collar or LBD (Little Blue Collar) – a must for fashionable felines, this is at the top of my list! I meowdelled this coveted collar earlier this year but am yet to get my paws on one of my own. The photographer put the collar back into a shiny silver tin, I can only assume my human has given it to Santa Paws for safe keeping until Christmas
  2. The Mona Lisa Scratching pad – I like to keep my claws in tip top condition as much as the next cat and apparently the sofa is off limits when it comes to pawdicures. This Mona Lisa scratcher would look excellent in my palace and it merges my love of art and the art of scratching anything with an interesting texture! Less scratching the furniture = more treats for being a good kitty 
  3. A small chair to call my own - I have a penchant for small chairs; I would fill my palace with them if I could. The human did a course to reupholster a little Victorian chair for me, which is now in our office by the window for catnaps and bird watching. I’d love to span lots of eras within my collection and have had my eye on some mid-century pieces. I’d love a wicker chair from the 1960s – drape a sheepskin on there and it would be the perfect place for a snooze! If I was to go for something more modern, I’d choose this shark chair from Made.com, because if you wake me up from a catnap you really are in trouble!

If my festive list does not tickle your feline fancy, I have applied my keen eye for beautiful things to a whole of gorgeous kitty gifts over at Cheshireandwain.com, which I recommend you head over to tout suite!

Naughty or nice in 2017 Percy? On the whole, I am a very helpful cat when it comes to running Cheshire & Wain with my co-partner but I am a little clumsy sometimes - hard to believe I know when I exude such elegance and poise in photos! I’m ashamed to say that only recently I knocked an entire cup of tea onto our office computer; the geniuses at Apple Cat Computers say it needs a new circuit board and charging port – I am no expert but that does sound expensive! 

How Percy’s spending Christmas: I visit my grandpurrents in the countryside every Christmas, which I love because they spoil me rotten. I get all sorts of exciting leftovers to eat and lots of toys to play with. They have a wood-burning stove, which is my absolute favourite place to rest my head after a big dinner. Here's me relaxing there last year…

Percy’s final festive word: for me, Christmas is a magical time spent with family and friends. I am very lucky to be so well looked after with a warm bed, presents and a loving home but not every kitty is as fortunate. At this time of year my thoughts are with my fellow felines who are looking for a forever home. I am thankful for all the wonderful people who volunteer at cat charities and look after cats in need of care, particularly at this time of year and who work tirelessly to find the right, loving owners for them. If you are not in the position to adopt a cat, you can sponsor one via Cat’s Protection, which is a wonderful last-minute gift for a cat lover. Sponsors receive a sponsor pack and regular updates about the cats they are caring for. You can find out more via their website: https://www.cats.org.uk/sponsor Just remember - a cat isn’t just for Christmas! 

We met Wilma on a shoot with pet photographer Rachel Oates for Wilma’s dog mum Helen’s pet cushion business. A cute, cuddle of squishy, Wilma has the same amount of aloofness as Basil and had all the boys chasing her round the shoot. She’s also credited to giving Helen the confidence to launch her awesome business, which makes Wilma a winner in my eyes. Follow Wilma @HelenPennyHQ

The 3 gifts Wilma would like to find under her tree, as shared by dog mom Helen

  1. Satellite Leash – I’m absolutely in love with this cosmic tassled lead. With a lead this beautiful, Wilma might even be convinced to venture outside for a walk
  2. MILO Marble + BRUMMY Pink bowl - I'm desperate to upgrade Wilma's crusty stainless steel water bowl with something more stylish like this luxury marble number
  3. Canvas Pet Tote in Natural & Black - as Wilma gets older, grumpier and slower, the more I think it might be time to invest in a good dog carrier. She takes a ride in a dog rucksack whilst in the country, but we would really like something more fitting to city life

Has Wilma been naughty or nice in 2017?
Wilma had her eye on that tub for days; she planned every move and chose her moment wisely. Whilst I was posting orders at the post office, she managed to clamber onto the table, break open and munch into a tub of Celebrations. I found her throwing up mini mars bars with a belly so bloated it stretched to the floor. She was rushed to the vets and was pooping wrappers for weeks. 

How Wilma and Helen will be spending Christmas: we are heading up to the midlands to see Wilma's Nan and Pa with our elasticated waistbands at the ready. Much to Wilma's displeasure (she'd rather nap than walk), we will be walking off roast potatoes on the rolling hills of rural Shropshire.

Their final festive word: keep your Christmas chocolates out of pugs' sight!

Christmas Gift Wish Lists, Naughty & Nice ‘Tails’ ...
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