Christmas Gift Wish Lists, Naughty & Nice ‘Tails’ and More From Some Of Our Fave Pets With Profile – Part One

Borrow My Doggy doggos have been breaking records this weekend, donning Christmas knits and congregating en mass ahead of Save The Children’s Christmas Jumper Day later this week, and we've had a delivery of snow so we’re definitely feeling festive and getting giddy for two weeks today.

Basil and I have made our Christmas plans already – lie-ins, cuddles, watching films, nice food, catching up on life and lots of lovely walks to burn off said food. But what about some of our fave four-legged friends; the ones who bring daily joy to our life not just for Christmas? We reached out to some of our insta-star idols to see what they have planned for the festive break and to lift the lids on their Christmas wish lists so your dog can borrow their high rolling pet lifestyle.

An absolute pocket rocket, who’s full of sass, the smuttiest of wit, pack-leading style and flying the flag for LGBT. Follow her @Dolly_Pawton

Dolly’s 5 gift reccos for aspiring cool puppers
I’m fortunate to wear some amazing brands so here are my Christmas picks and why everyone should have them in their stocking! 

  1. Rebel Dawg Tag - because who doesn’t want a custom tag in a choice of colours and sparkle? With a zero f*cks attitude this new brand will get you going crazy. The choices and options are endless (shown with my hood life pic below)
  2. My fave collars EVER - based in the UK, not only do Broughton & Co personalise everything, the quality is second to none and their team are awesome. I have a rainbow collar that was personally made for me and there isn’t a thing they won’t do for you (see my rose gold bow-tie above)
  3. Eye of Dog petwear -  this Australian based brand should be on everyone’s radar. A day doesn’t go by when I’m not in an EOD piece. My famous faux fur jumper I wore for the Missguided campaign is EOD and it will forever be one of my fave pieces (also shown above)
  4. Fetch and Follow swag - this UK based brand is one I can’t stop raving about for their quality and beautiful products. From tees to Sherpa jackets (the cute one in my snap below), collars and accessories you can’t go wrong with some F&F 
  5. Pethaus Denim - Best. Denim. Ever. If you don’t have a PH jacket in your wardrobe you’re letting yourself down. Everyone pup needs a staple denim piece and this is the only place to go for it! FYI they do custom patches too so if you’re into personalised everything then go go go!   

How Dolly’s spending her Christmas: for me, it’s about chilling out and eating everything in sight (standard for me) but it’s also about my fam being altogether. Not everyone knows I have human siblings too and I can’t wait to see my Sis over the Xmas period, as she’s at Uni and I also want to spend some quality time with my Mums. I will be helping in the kitchen this year as the taste tester. Can’t wait to pile on more pounds because I’m not into being a skinny bitch! My Mums are always so busy and they have a little extra time off so we will be visiting some lovely places together and enjoying festive cocktails in time for New Year! 

Dolly’s final festive word: Merry Christmas to everyone. Wishing you all a wonderful time together with your friends and fam. Drink until you’re seeing double, eat until you can’t f*cking move and laugh until you burst! Make new memories! Lots of love and sass Dolly Pawton. 

As a former NYC dweller, Ari (and his lovely human sidekick Maitri) are now my spirit animal having recently moved back there from London. Their twinning style is second to none as are the backdrops they use for every single snap they take. Follow him for gorgeous snaps like the one at the top of this post @HoneyIDressedThePug

The 3 gifts Ari would like to find under his tree, as shared by dog mom Maitri

  1. One of a kind indigo dog bed from Free People - I love the boho look of this dog bed; it will fit in very well with the style of our apartment and looks super comfy too. Ari prefers sleeping on big throw pillows rather than proper dog beds so I think like this one would work very well
  2. Ruby Rufus Kora Cable Knit - apart from Red, wine/port is our second favourite color this season. This shade would look gorgeous on Ari’s complexion and would complement really well against my camel colour coat
  3. Ari & M brocade collar - this is a special collar for a special occasion. I just love the luxe feel and festive colors of this collar. Combined with a cable knit, Ari’s going to be one royal pup

Has Ari been naughty or nice in 2017?
Amongst many nicknames, one of the names I have for Ari, is ‘Dora The Explorer’. Ever since we moved from London to NY, he has been on an exploring spree. He doesn’t want to go on the same walk route on two consecutive days; it has to be something new every day so we have pretty much explored all directions of Central Park. If he doesn’t fancy one direction, he will just sit down and face the direction he wants to go in. It’s been Ari walking us these past few months rather than the other way round. He has been a bit naughty this year but that’s how we like it!

How Ari and Maitri will be spending Christmas: we’ll be staying at home and spending some quality family time – just Ari, my husband and me. It’s been a tough few months for us as we have moved countries and although it’s been fun finding a place and setting it up, we haven’t really had the time to enjoy it. We will be listening to Christmas music, drinking lots of hot chocolate and relaxing at home. We’ll have some friends and family visiting, which is always something to look forward to but other than that, it's exploring cute coffee shops and bakeries in our neighbourhood.

Their final festive word: NYC has had a record-breaking number of tourists this year and some of the Christmas attractions are overcrowded. People are busy soaking in the sights and don’t really look down so no matter what city, avoid taking your dogs to such areas, as they can get hurt unknowingly or get very anxious. If you want to get some festive shots of your dog with the Christmas decorations, go very early in the morning.

Petite dog model, cutest of pouty underbites, could make your do anything eyes and has an actual heart shaped marking near her sashaying tushie. Follow her @Grrlgenius_

The 3 gifts Elle would like to find under her tree, as shared by dog mom Coco

  1. The Mutt Mover Backpack by Timbuk2 - Elle is on the move a lot and after a while her little body gets tired so sometimes it’s better for her to have her own space to rest and recharge. My current dog bag goes over one shoulder so I'm always a little lopsided. I’d love this bag to help even me out while she stays safe 
  2. The Dog Diary- I have been eyeing this one, as Elle's party invites and charity commitments can stack up and having it written down somewhere is a nice way of remembering all the nice things we've done. Plus they make sure I remember important dog milestones during the year
  3. Lead the Walk x Fetch & Follow Winter Coat - we recently took their new collab coat for a test drive when visited Paris recently and I'm hooked. It fits her so nicely. It's fleece-lined, well-tailored and looks very smart with the orange detail and surprise silver safety collar.  What I love about this coat is that it gives enough coverage to keep her belly dry, which lacks with so many other coats

Has Elle been naughty or nice in 2017? Elle is incredibly loving and people are often surprised by how sweet she is and how much she loves the camera. She is named after Elle "the body" MacPherson, the Australian supermodel.

Her regular naughtiness is refusing to walk because Frenchies are naturally stubborn and get tired but we have one 2017 tale that stands out. We were taking photos outside with my mum and, as often happens, we were disrupted by a fellow dog walker. I turned around and took photos of her dog. My mum caught a look on Elle's face that seemed to convey "that camera is facing the wrong way." Elle then proceeded to put her paw on my back to let me know photographing another dog was not okay. Mum managed to capture a shot of what looked like Elle telling me off. It was hilarious. She is such a ham. 

How Elle will be spending her Christmas: we’ll be mainly cuddling with @thegraypotato in Brooklyn. There will be friends, little ones, movies, laughter and lots of wrapping paper for her to destroy. We can't wait.

Final festive words: we love Christmas but I would say if you are around a lot of small humans, you might want to keep a close eye on them with toys and putting it near your furbaby's eyes and mouth. Happy Holidays to everyone! 

If Basil wasn’t Basil – he’d be a Pug and I adore Gigi for bringing colour to my day in her own unqiue fantasy, pink, unicorn-loving way. Follow her @gigi_thepug_ 

The 3 gifts Gigi would like to find under her tree 
"I'm not really sure if I'm on the naughty or nice list. My name is probably on the naughty list, but just in case, here is a list of my top three items I would love for Christmas because a girl can dream”

  1. Pink RI Dog glitter harness - it's pink, it's sparkly, it's very me
  2. Nice Digs Velvet Dog Collar in rose and matching lead – I can't get enough of my signature colour
  3. Eye of Dog Pretty Top in faux fur - I'm going to feel like a real princess in this

Naughty or nice in 2017 Gigi? The human said I'm definitely on the naughty list because of my obsession with the Christmas tree. It teases me all the time with its baubles. I've chewed the branches, pushed the tree over, and still can't get to those baubles. Why are they even called baubles? If they look like a ball, they must be a ball and therefore they are all mine. Stupid tree!

How Gigi’s spending Christmas: we will be leaving the city and spending Christmas day with family in the country, where I get to see my cousin Max the poodle. The rest of the holidays will be very chill with lots of beach days."

We have more Christmas wish lists and 'tails' coming up this week. Comment and share on our social with what you're hoping Santa Paws will bring and your festive plans.

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