Camo Canine | Neckwear by Baker & Bray 


What do you make to Basil’s new neckwear? Sharp isn't it? This slither of sophistication comes courtesy of canine couturists Baker & Bray, who offer our kind of rover retail experience. In fact, we knew we were going to get along famously when we first spotted their brand mascots – a Boston Terrier duo called Milo and Rocco.

Our love for B&B started at the postman’s delivery, when Basil’s new piece of luxe arrived beautifully package inside a sleek branded envelope (see below). However, what impressed us the most about his new doggy neckwear was the quality, cut and fit… perfection! Handmade in the UK from fine quality cotton, using unique Liberty print fabrics (Basil’s is Liberty Camo/Olive) – it’s an accessory guaranteed to have your dog stepping out in style. Priced a little higher than your normal bandana at £24, it’s worth its weight in doggy biscuits.

As you can see in his pics, Basil wears his Baker & Bray Camo neckwear to disguise his cuteness. Your dog can too – just swing by Bakerandbray.com.





PS… we received a little help from Jessops photographing Basil for this post. Read more in our Self-Improvement: Working on My Canine-Snappin’ Skills article.

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