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A few weeks ago we received a tweet from one of our followers, @TillysTails, which read: “@barkarama THANK YOU for the tweet about Cilla @themayhew. I showed a friend and she has given her a new home! An amazing one too.” Needless to say we were delighted to hear that we’d been instrumental in re-homing a dog.

Given that we’re like the proverbial dog with a bone for a story, we weren’t going to let this sleeping dog lie. Thanks to @TillysTails we were introduced to Cilla’s new owner and discovered the story of how this five-month old Staffie found her forever home.

Cilla, who’s now known as Evie on account of her being born on Christmas Eve, was under the care of the Mayhew Animal Home in London along with her siblings, the result of an accidental litter. They described Evie as an affectionate, friendly, sweet-natured pup, who loved to say hello to everyone she met. Given her impressionable young age, Evie was being cared for by foster parents while she waited for new owners. The lucky pair who finally took this little canine cutie home are 28 year-old hairdresser Katie Fitzgerald and her boyfriend Ben O’Sullivan, 37, who live in Stanmore, London. We chatted to Katie about their experience.


How did you hear about Evie and how did she come to be yours?
We’d been searching for a rescue dog for almost 12 months but things had never quite worked out for us until Evie. When my colleague and fellow dog lover Fern left work six months ago, she promised to keep an eye out for a suitable dog for us. She saw ‘Cilla’ in one of your tweets and messaged me straight away; this was Tuesday night. I showed her profile to Ben not expecting much of a response given our failed past attempts but he reacted exactly the same as me – and really liked the look and sound of her (the above picture was featured in her dog profile). We agreed that we’d go and see her on Sunday so the following morning I phoned The Mayhew only to be told we already had competition; people were booked in to see her on Saturday. They advised if we could make it in any earlier we should. Knowing this wasn’t possible we had to leave it to chance. However, unbeknown to me Ben took the following morning off work after which I received a call saying “I think I’m in love with another girl’. Thankfully he meant Evie! Ben asked The Mayhew if he could reserve Evie until the Sunday but due to a mix up he received another call saying it wasn’t possible without payment. Cue a further phone call from Ben along the lines of “hope you don’t mind but I’ve bought our first dog!” I still hadn’t met her at this point but we visited The Mayhew on the Sunday, as originally planned, and I fell head over heels in love.

What attracted you to Evie?
Our main issue with previous dogs we’d looked at was that they had issues with other dogs. For me, one of the joys of owning a dog is how social it can be - doing things like walks in the park and spending time with friends and their kids. I really liked the sound of Evie’s temperament and of course she looked beautiful. I’d never wanted a big dog and Ben had previously rescued a Staffie so she just seemed like the right fit.


Tell us about your first meeting with Evie? 
It was at her foster parents’ home and it was evident what a good job they’d done with her so far. She was so excited but they’d taught her not to jump up so she just skidded her way towards us and just sat there wagging her tail like mad. It was sad saying goodbye because we knew it was going to be another few weeks until we could bring her home due to a previously booked holiday. On transfer day, Ben went alone, as I was working. Of course there was tears from her foster parents, who she’d spent four weeks with but Ben did all he could to assure them that we’d do our utmost best to give her all our love and care.

How was her first day in her new home?
She had a really good sniff around, christened the garden straight away, and mostly slept – it’s a dog life eh? Both her and Ben ventured out to pick me up from the station and we spent our first evening chilling out together as a new family.


So how’s Evie now? What can you tell us about her?
Her absolute favourite toy is a soft monkey, which goes everywhere with her – she even takes it to bed. If you leave the house she takes one of your belongings such as a shoe off to bed with her. At first I was worried that she was going to chew them up but it seems she uses them as a comforter. She’s also developed quite the taste for tennis balls chewing her way through loads of already. I suppose like all dogs she’s very treat orientated with her favourite being sausages. She also goes nuts for dogs at the park, which all the other owners seem to love as she helps tire out their dog.

Currently she’s a bit frightened of her own bark, however, she’s only just found it so we expect she’ll grow out of it soon. There’ are definitely two sides to Evie’s personality – angel Vs minx! She’s a sweetie following you everywhere and doing cute stuff like falling asleep at your feet when you brush your teeth. The minx side comes out when she sneaks off to the garden to dig a hole to Australia!!! One day my father-in-law was gardening for us; as he was popping weeds into a bucket Evie was taking them out.

She’s already made two great doggy pals – my aunt’s Labradoodles Bella and Teddy, who are both one year old. They play for about four hours until they’re finally crash out.

What’s in-store for Evie?
She’s in puppy training at the moment and is doing really well; in fact she often gets picked out by the trainer to show the other dogs how it’s done! We’re also going to do the Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Training Scheme – Bronze, Silver & Gold. She’s such an intelligent little dog so she loves training sessions.

Ben questioned me a few weeks into us having Evie saying that he didn’t think I seemed all that excited by her arrival. I responded by saying it feels like she’s always been a part of our lives and it honestly does. I’m so happy we found her and we look forward to giving her a great life.

Evie was a rescue dog from The Mayhew Animal Home in London. To help give a dog like Evie a home, visit Themayhew.org.

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