News: Animal Lover to Spend 35 Days Housed in a Kennel for Charity


A volunteer for Manchester Dogs’ Home will be putting himself into the dog house literally – in an inspiring (and slightly barking) act, which will see him spend 35 consecutive days and nights housed inside a kennel at the home.

Project Kennel 35 will be undertaken by 35 year-old Sean Le Vegan later this year from October 5th to November 9th in a bid to raise awareness for stray dogs. Sean conjured up his unusual charity idea after realising that the many canine residents he cares for spend an average of 35 days at the home before they are re-housed. Sean explains his stunt: “I wanted to help people re-connect with the dogs by illustrating in a very direct way what it might be like to spend 35 days and nights in an alien environment before being re-homed.” 

In preparation for his less-than-luxury stay, Sean has boldly had himself micro-chipped further highlighting the government’s announcement earlier this year that by 2016 it will be compulsory for all dog owners to have their dog micro-chipped. He’s also consulted health professionals about his living conditions and is currently cutting out caffeine, salt and sugar from his diet in a bid to sustain his water levels – a necessary move given that he will have just one hour of freedom a day to use the bathroom and freshen up when October comes.

Throughout his five-week kennel confinement, Sean will be on view, for a donation, via an ongoing webcam while his only lifeline to the outside world will be just an iPad and laptop for company. Commenting on his project, Manchester Dogs’ Home manager Lisa Graham says “we’re so excited about Sean’s idea because it really highlights some of the issues that stray dogs face once they arrive here. We manage to successfully re-home 94% of all the dogs that come through our doors but that doesn’t detract from the bewildering experience so many strays sadly go through before being fostered or adopted.”

To sponsor Sean in his Kennel 35 initiative, visit Dogshome.net. You can also follow Sean’s updates on Twitter @Kennel35 or on Facebook. 

Have you ever done anything out of the ordinary to raise funds or awareness for animal welfare? Tell us your stories by commenting below.

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Image credit: Paul Heyes

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