Event | 10 Things We Learned at Crufts 2015 


We came, we saw, we marveled, we laughed, we shopped, we conquered all five halls; we even shed a tear at the heartbreaking news of Jagger the Red Setter’s poisoning. Crufts - it’s been emotional, but before we put this mother of all dog shows to bed, here’s 10 Things We Learned at Crufts 2015.

NOT TO FLEA ‘N’ WORM THE NIGHT BEFORE A fatal mistake by yours truly, resulting in some pretty graphic (and gooey) doggy-do situations within the NEC. Never again!


IT’S THE PLACE TO SHOP FOR LESS From exclusive discounts to special show offers, Crufts is awash with doggy deals. So if your fave pet brands are on the exhibitors list, it’s definitely worth the price of the ticket to get stocked. Plus many brands debut new styles at Crufts. Our Crufts haul is pictured above.


FASHION CAN BE FUNCTIONAL Not our biggest learning, as we’re clued up anyway but it’s worth labouring the point to share Poppy & Rufus’ latest offering… their Light Reflective Dog Bandanas. As modelled by Basil on our way home - one side features their signature Rufus print but flip it over, and you’ve got yourself some hi-vis petwear for after-dark walks.


£20K BUYS YOU A DOG DREAMHOUSE Basil snooped around Samsung’s dog dreamhouse and discovered that £20k will buy you a canine crib complete with a tablet for two-way comms with doggy pals, a push-to-woof call bell to summon one’s owner, a hot tub, a dog-operated snack dispenser and more. Judging by his face, we’re not convinced he’ll be saving up his doggy bones anytime soon.

YOU CAN MIX UP ‘RAW’ Basil currently eats Natural Instinct raw dog food. Sometimes we get caught out, forgetting to stock up and then not having enough time in between meals to defrost his next meal. In times like this, he gets a bowl of beef mince or tuna, as we’ve not wanted to mix in another dog food in case it messed up his tum. However, after catching up with Lily’s Kitchen founder Hentietta Moore, we’ve had a change of heart. She explained: “Think of raw as salad and us as stew. Our wet food is like raw but sterilized for storage so it’s fine to mix up the two.” Basil has in the past scoffed and thrived on LK, so their organic fayre will now be our store cupboard staple to avoid getting caught out again.

CHOMPING IS GOOD FOR CHARITY We picked up a bag of Beautiful Joe’s Ethical Dog Treats (air-dried, pure liver pieces) for Basil and as a result, another bag will be donated to a canine rescue home to bring some tasty joy to a dog in need. This small company has been going for just one year, and has already donated 9,000 bags of treats. Discover more at Beautifuljoes.com.


WE NEED TO START A SAVING FUND To pay for an Olivia Brown sculpture of Basil. In case you haven’t seen her ceramic dog sculptures, hop over to her website and prepare to be amazed. 

BASIL CAN SMELL SWEET ON OFF-DAYS With a quick spritz of Wildwash’s Fragrance No.3, our occasional stinker can be restored to his sweet-smelling self… or of sweet orange, coriander and cedarwood at least. 

BASIL = HAPPY From Brentwood to Birmingham, and back, our little dude was a walking rainbow of happiness, creating smiles as he navigated his way through stations, trains and the NEC.

EVERY DOG IS A CRUFTS WINNER Well they can pretend to be, as you can buy your dog a rosette that is the same at the coveted ones handed out to the winners. Basil’s pal Attlee of Phileas Dogg fame did an excellent job modelling his (see top).

Stay tuned over the coming weeks, when we’ll be detailing some of our Crufts shopping finds. Did you attend this year’s Crufts? What were your highlights? 

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