Dog Charity News: The Dogs Trust Invites You to #PressPaws


The Dogs Trust have come good with a new twist on their ‘A Dog is for life ... not just for Christmas’ slogan by inviting dog lovers to #presspaws and think whether they’re in a position to socialise, train and look after a dog for the rest of its life …

Basil and I have joined the hundreds of supporters including fashionista Brix Smith Start, model Tuuli Shipster and her gorgeous Beans, and TV presenter Jenni Falconer in getting snap happy to touch hand to paw for this great cause. What do you think of a warm winter glow Instagram shot above?

For us this is timely, as one year ago today we were three days into owning Basil (who was not a Christmas gift) and as adorable as he was and still is, owning a puppy can be challenging. There’s toilet training, sleepless nights while they howl for company, nipping, chewing things they shouldn’t and when we finally got all that under control, then came his hormones! Not that we’d change a single thing about our gorgeous boy and I honestly now couldn’t imagine life without him but there were times when we thought our devil pup he would never improve.

While we knew what we were getting ourselves in for, many don’t. It’s for this reason why hundreds of dogs find themselves in need of a new home post-Christmas when an individual or family realises that the cute bundle they received on Christmas Day is more responsibility than they’d bargained for. The Dogs Trust has designed this fun social media campaign to get people thinking before they put a puppy on their Christmas wish list. Also from personal experience puppies and Christmas aren’t the best mix – there’s a tree for them to pull down, decorations to break and chew, paper to shred, poisonous chocolate and lots of people around to sink sharp puppy teeth into!


To get involved in this fantastic campaign, simply take a photo of your palm pressed against your dog’s palm – ideally in the shape of the pause symbol, as illustrated above and tweet your picture @DogsTrust using the hashtag #presspaws. Your entry will then find its way on the official website – Presspaws.org.uk.

Please help spread the woof for this good cause by sharing below.

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