A Dozen Reasons Why Basil is My Valentine


Love it or hate it Valentine’s Day has arrived, and even if there’s no other significant other to share this romance-filled day, we’ve still got our dogs and they love us no matter what.

To quote my other half, “I’m a lucky girl” but not just for the reason he thinks - that I have him for my boyfriend - but because I have my utterly adorable Basil, who stole my heart the moment I clapped eyes on him. So in the absence of the dozen red roses I knew I wouldn’t get, here’s a dozen reasons why Basil Barkarama is my furry Valentine …

  1. My heart flips every time I look at his handsome little face.
  2. He passed the ‘meet the parents’ test with flying colours.
  3. He farts … a lot. They stink. They’re sometimes loud. I don’t care.
  4. He’s hilarious. Whether farting loudly, tearing around the house at a million miles an hour or inquisitively tilting his head from side to side that boy is god damn funny!
  5. He’s always up for a cuddle.
  6. We never argue.
  7. I can’t stay mad at him for longer than five minutes – well five seconds if I’m being truthful.
  8. He doesn’t complain about helping with the housework. Mine sweeping the kitchen floor is his specialty. 
  9. He doesn’t judge me or pass criticism. In his eyes I can do no wrong.
  10. He always happy to spend time with me, in fact he’s practically my shadow.
  11. He inspires me. He’s the inspiration for Barkarama and the muse for most of my posts.
  12. He’s my very own Pup Charming. I’d been hoping, waiting and dreaming about a Boston Terrier to call my own for over five years and for me, he’s just the most perfect dog ever.

What makes your dog your Valentine? We’d love to hear from you. Just post your comments in the box below.

Whatever you are up to, have a lovely Valentine’s and give your dog a big smacker from us! 

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Photo credit: Tily's Studio

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