Wellbeing: Detox for Dogs from WOOF&BREW


A dry month might not be on the menu for your dog this January but if your four-legged friend over-indulged during the festive period, give them a healthy kick-start to 2015 with a month of supping WOOF&BREW – that’s tea for for dogs!

Dubbed “detox for dogs”, the adult blend of WOOF&BREW gently purifies a dog’s system, restoring energy levels and encouraging good hydration. Sounds like just the ticket to help counteract the Christmas excess don’t you think?

Made from WOOF&BREW’s unique herbal pyramid tea bags, this canine cuppa is brewed just like human tea but hold the cup and saucer, it’s best served cold in your dog’s bowl or poured over their food. Mimicking centuries of doggy know-how where our four-legged friends have self-medicated by eating particular flowers and plants they instinctively know are good for them, WOOF&BREW’s unique barking blend is veterinary approved as safe. 

Each biodegradable doggy tea bags contains high quality loose-leaf herbs and ingredients such as Dandelion and Ginseng, which are rich in anti-oxidants, nutrients, vitamins and minerals to help maintain a healthy immune system, lessen the risk of infections, flush out icky toxins, promote calm and offer a sense of well-being. 


Brit brand WOOF&BREW’s range consists of seven blends; Adult, Senior, Skin & Coat, Performance, Fresh Breath, Ha-pee Lawns (which prevents brown urine stains on the lawns) and Posh Pooch. Each blend is available in seven day or 28 day pouches, with each doggy tea bag making one litre of infusion. Prices start at £3.99.

SHOP NOW: Woofandbrew.com (also look out for W&B in dog-friendly cafes, with many now serving it visiting dogs). 

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