Wellbeing: 7 Ways to Make Dealing With Your Doggy’s Business Less Unpleasant


Let’s be frank, cleaning up dog poo is an unpleasant by-product of being a pet parent but it’s a daily part of dog ownership nonetheless. 

As I’m yet to win the lottery, I’m unable to employ the services of a professional poop-scoop company (yes they exist) to clear up Lord Basil’s mess but I can find ways to make dealing with it more bearable. Based on personal experiences and with a little thought, here’s seven ways for more bearable poo-management at home and on the go …

1. MONITOR THE SOURCE. If your dog is producing piles of slop, your work is already cut out with operation clean up. Sloppy poo is also a sign that all’s not well with your dog’s health or diet. Vet Donna Solomon explains the attributes of a healthy poo in her article ‘The Scoop on Your Pet’s Poop’ for the Huffington Post: the normal colour is chocolate-brown, it should be shaped liked a log, have the consistency of dough and should be sized relative to what your dog eats. All of which make for easy breezy pick-up. If you’re worried your dog’s poo is not up to scratch, speak you’re your vet.

2. INVEST IN A CLEVER CLEAN-UP GADGET. At the top of my get-to-grips with Basil’s business list is the ultimate pooper-scooper gadget – the dooup! Designed in the UK, the dooup covers, clears, sprays, stores and seals your dog’s do, eliminating all human contact. Able to cope with a variety of landscapes including grass, paving and shingled yards, the dooup can store a week’s worth of mess therefore cutting down on the use of individual poo bags. Upon pushing the lever swiftly and firmly, this clever gadget simultaneously sprays the affected area and inner scoop with a garden-friendly sanitising fluid which helps to prevent the spread of harmful bacterial and parasites. It looks like there’s a bit of a knack to using it so would-be purchasers should watch the dooup ‘how it works’ video first.

The dooup Complete Pet Waste Clearer Starter Pack is currently priced at £59.95 but BARKARAMA READERS can purchase with an exclusive £10 off the featured web price. Simply quote the code BARK10 at checkout. To read more and to purchase, visit thedooup.com.


3. QUALITY POO BAGS. My ‘hands down’ best are Earth Rated’s Poop Bags. They’re extra long so there’s no danger of any clothes meets crap mishaps, scented with smell-masking lavender and are kind to the environment. However, Earth Rated is a US product so they’re not readily available in the UK. I stock up for less via the pet departments at TK Maxx or Home Sense but you can also get them from Amazon.  


4. STYLISH POO BAG HOLDER. A stylish way to inject some glamour into the gross, I’ve spotted this Leather Poo Bag Pouch by Hiro + Wolf and WANT! Designed to attach to your dog’s lead or to combine with holding your keys, it’s currently on sale for £12 at Petspjyamas.com.


5. A DICKY BAG. Sometimes on our more rural explorations, we’ve found ourselves bin-less, wandering along waving a steaming bag of smelly poop until we’ve made it back to the car. On occasion, we’ve even had to bring Basil’s tushie trophy back home with us. Yuck! It’s for this reason I’m sold on the idea of investing in a Dicky Bag; a lightweight, airtight, washable and leak proof neoprene bag, which attaches to your person or the dog and stores the offending bag until you locate a bin. I like the Green Camo design but they come in a variety of other styles. Fetch yours now from Amazon.


6. BUM WIPES. The Petkin Tushie wipes do what they say on the box and are great for cleaning up any stubborn leftovers. Another one of my TK Maxx/Home Sense finds, you can also shop them at Amazon.  

7. TOILET BELL. I’ve previously blogged about my difficulty with Basil’s toilet training. These days, things are infinitely better but … we have a weird layout in our house with our living space on the middle floor, so sometimes the slippery little sod sneaks off downstairs without me knowing. His intentions are good but he can’t open back doors so from time to time I find gifts by the back door. As there always in the same, I usually leave newspaper there just in case. 

While the poo meets newspaper approach is better than cleaning it up direct off the floor, it’s still not nice, which is why I’ve just bought a Poochie Bell. The idea is that you hang the ribbon on the door handle and tap the attached bell every time you open the back door to let your dog out for the toilet. Eventually it’s supposed to stick and he’ll start ringing it when he needs to go out. If you think you’d benefit from a Poochie Bell, head to Petspyjamas.com to purchase.

REMEMBER! BARKARAMA readers are entitled to an exclusive £10 off the dooup Complete Pet Waste Clearer Starter Pack. Purchase at thedooup.com quoting BARK10 at checkout. 

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