Tried & Tested: Precious Pets Luxury Dog Shampoo


If truth be told, we’re not big on dog grooming. It’s not that we’re too posh to wash it’s just that our resident hound Basil Barkarama is a low maintenance kind of guy. However, when we caught whiff of a dog shampoo, which has received the royal paws up, Basil soon found himself in hot water  …

The product in question is Precious Pets Luxury Dog Shampoo established in 2012 by Charlotte Nash, who wanted to create a brand that offered both quality and luxury, as well as being wholesome, healthy and kind to the environment. So convinced by the quality of her products, Charlotte sought out the best approval she could find – the Queen and her world-famous Corgis.

The story goes that Charlotte spoke to the Master of the Household at Buckingham Palace to ask if the Queen would be interested in trying out her new luxury British dog products on the Corgis. To Charlotte’s delight, the Master of the Household said yes and she soon found herself at a ‘secret entrance’ to the palace handing over the goods. A few weeks later, Charlotte received a letter on behalf of the Queen thanking her for the products and saying that they ‘smell absolutely wonderful’. As one would imagine, Charlotte and her team were over the moon!

So if it’s good enough for the royal pack, it’s good enough for our King Basileus. We opted for Country Garden – a botanically scented shampoo, design to give your dog’s coat a light a refreshing floral scent with its infusion of botanical essential oils. There are two others to choose from - Simply Scentless, for sensitive skin, and Vanilla Dreams, scented with blends of essential oils. All are naturally derived, extra gentle and have a low-lather formulation.

As mentioned above Basil requires little grooming to stay handsome and smelling sweet thanks to his short coat and aversion to muddy puddles and muck. His regular routine is very basic – a once a week rub down with a grooming mitt, a clean of his ears and face, a quick brush of his teeth, a once over to check his claws and then he’s good to go. However, Basil was back from an overnight stay at the dog-house and after this, we always like to give him a quick freshen up in the bath.

Whether it was to do with the botanical oils in the shampoo or the fact that he was cream-crackered from hanging with the hounds, this was water phobic Basil’s most relaxed bath to date. He stood still while we applied and lathered just a small amount of the shampoo directly to his fur (that’s all you need) from the easy to use twist open, non-spill lid. Satisfied with our efforts, the shampoo rinsed out easily and after a few hearty shakes and towel rub-down, we were left with a wonderfully shiny Boston Terrier who’s fur was like silk to touch so for us it definitely lives up to the claim that it ‘enhances the natural qualities of the dog's coat’. We didn’t notice too much of a scent once Basil was dry but we are full of a horrid cold so not at our smell-checking best. 

Priced at £19.99 for a 200ml bottle, get your paws on the regally-reviewed Precious Pets Luxury Dog Shampoo at Thepreciouspetscompany.co.uk.

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PS - Apologies for the lack of visual representation of Basil’s bathing experience but there really is nothing to see; he looks pretty much the same wet as he does dry. Additionally we don’t wish to subject you to imagery of our hideous retro bathroom - the downside of purchasing a 70’s townhouse in much need of decorating!

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