Buckle Up With The RAC’s Pet Travel Range 

The subjects of safety and car care don't exactly get my motor going but when it comes chauffeuring round Lord Basil for his woodland walks, photo-shoots, trips to grandmas… we always BUCKLE UP. And when your BF lets you and your barking bae drive round to said doggy socials in his sporty, leather-seated, sexy, purring beast one feels obliged to take care of his wheels.

With fur, slobber, grass, mud, eye bogies, sharp claws or things that occasionally cling to Basil’s back-end threatening to mess up our sweet ride, we’ve turned to the car safety and care experts – the RAC. For safety, we use their Standard Dog Harness, which you can also use as a walking harness but in the car you thread the seat belt through its handle loop to keep your dog secure. When it’s just the two of us (cue the music) I prefer him to ride up front, so we pop their Front Car Seat Cover over the seat like a jacket to keep dog mess to a minimum and stop the leather seat from getting scratched up with his claws. We also have the Car Boot Protector too so our muddy wellies and paws don't mark the upholstery. Makes sense right? 

The RAC offers a wide Pet Travel range including a choice of harness styles, a number of seat covers, Pet Carrier, Crates, Beds, Water Bottles, Ball Chuckers and more, all designed to kit out adventures with your dog. Browse and shop at Racshop.co.uk.

Thanks to the RAC for supplying these items. Photos by Racheloatespetphotography.com

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