Walking Style: By Steph Brown of Fashion & Style Blog Faiiint


Back in January, I shared my shame that I was beginning to look like the proverbial dog’s dinner stepping out to walk Lord Basil. With a near fashion disaster on our hands, we launched a new feature - ‘Walking Style’ - where we look to other stylish dog-owners for their know-how.

For our latest offering, we chat to Steph of dark fashion and style blog Faiiint and owner to handsome Nico the Husky. With Steph’s penchant for black and Nico’s predisposition to moulting his gorgeous fluffy fur, she’s got her work cut out so read how she handles it all in her fashion stride. Over to you Steph …

Owning a fluffy, white dog when you dress primarily in black means leaving the house without being covered in fluff and looking like a crazy dog lady can be kind of a nightmare. When I'm at home I have my dog clothes – leggings, sweat pants, tanks & hoodies, which I don’t care about getting covered in fur but I change when I am going out. Walks and taking Nico out are another matter though, so when I do, I stick to fabrics that are easy to wipe down and don't attract hair as much such as coated materials, leathers & smooth jerseys. I always have a lint roller to hand as well!

Being a fashion blogger I obviously like to look stylish but for dog walks comfort really is my number one priority. There’s no point in looking amazing if it’s sacrificing the enjoyment of your walk with painful shoes, annoying dresses or not enough layers to keep the cold out. I think this is where all black really shines, it allows me to wear a basic, boring outfit and gives it a smarter, more put together fashion edge. When it’s cold I can throw on multiple black layers without worrying about looking like a mismatched mess, and of course it’s great for not showing up dirt & mud as easily too. 

The Jacket: If I could give only one tip it would be to find a great jacket. My Belstaff waxed jacket is one of the best things I've ever brought & is usually my go-to, dog-walking jacket unless it's super freezing. The wax coating means it keeps you warm on cold days & cool on warm days, it's incredibly lightweight, has a million pockets perfect for holding keys, phone, dog bags, treats and all the essentials and most importantly it remains hair free! It couldn't be a more perfect balance between comfort, practicality & style. A good jacket like this can add such a punch to even the plainest of outfits so I usually keep everything else simple & practical, letting the jacket do all the work. 


The Shoes: Depending on the weather I have three main pairs of shoes for walks. First are my trusty leather Converse, I wear these the most because they're a good all-rounder, comfortable, wipe clean, I can run in them if I like, they go with everything and are always a good look. If I'm going for a proper run then I'll choose my Nike Free Runs but stick to the paths & pavements because they are a real pain to clean. When it's raining or the grounds sludgy you can't beat a classic pair of Hunter wellies, it’s so nice to just be able to enjoy your walk and get a bit mucky without worrying about soggy feet or ruining your clothes or shoes.




Hair & Make-up: I never leave the house without at least a little makeup on but hats and sunglasses are my best friend when walking Nico. I regularly throw a beanie on instead of doing my hair, or sunglasses to hide my tired eyes, plus they come in really handy when it's windy, or if you get hit by a surprise rain shower, as I always seem to.

For more of Steph and Nico, visit Faiiint.com. You can also follow their style and adventures on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can also take inspiration on our Dog Walking Style board over on Pinterest. All photos: Faiiint.

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