NEW - Tangle Teezer Launches For Dogs

No more sharing yours with them because now you can get Tangle Teezer for dogs – and they are aptly named Pet Teezer.

In case you have been stuck under the salon dryer for the last ten years or so, Tangle Teezer has been detangling barnets with their innovative teeth ever since inventor Shaun Pulfrey was famously rejected for his ‘hair-brained’ idea from TV show Dragon’s Den. The company now sells 20 brushes every minute globally. For my own haircare regime, I can’t live without mine. I have fine hair but lots of it and BTT (Before Tangle Teezer) I used to endure discomfort and damage to my locks when I brushed out knots but when a hairdresser introduced me to this brush of wonder, my relationship with hair (and its condition) has greatly improved.

The decision to launch into the world of pets has mainly been driven my consumer demand – customers were begging the company to create a range for dogs. But the new range - including a de-tangler and de-shedder - isn't just a rebrand of their existing human product (although many people I know myself included already use the human TT on their dog), it’s a totally new invention. There was three years of research, discussions and trials with owners and groomers, re-testing and more. They even sought the approval of Battersea Dogs & Cats Home, who gave it their endorsement so you know your pet is onto a good thing.

With Basil’s all over buzz cut, we can’t personally wax lyrical about the brushes’ performance, as there’s nothing to detangle or much to de-shed but he did like the brush for a massage and the one we tried made him nice and glossy. However, some of our fluffier dog pals have been trialling them to rave reviews - Basil's pal Winston is in bliss in the video below. 

Some more about the range… the Detangling Brush uses similar patented two-tier teeth technology to the Tangle Teezer brushes, with the longer teeth reaching down to the undercoat to remove dirt, whilst the shorter teeth smooth and detangle the fur to protect against matting. The De-shedding Brush differs slightly with stiffer teeth; its longer teeth work to remove dirt whilst the shorter teeth pick up any loose hair and help to de-shed thick and thermal undercoats. The configuration of the teeth means that the hair is held in the brush, and not left on your carpet. Sounds cracking to us! Pet Teezer grooming brushes can be used in any direction and on both wet and dry coats, and the hollow shape of the brush means it’s very hygienic and easy to clean.

A lovely little touch is that royalties from the sale of the range goes towards supporting the work of Battersea Dogs & Cats Home, so your dog’s furcare regime pays forward to pets less fortunate than you own.

Want to claim back your Tangle Teezer? The new Pet Teezer Grooming Brushes are priced £12 each and are available exclusively from Pets At Home stores nationwide and Petsathome.com.

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