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We met Reiki Practitioner and owner of Reiki 4 Dogs, Rob Fellows, a few months ago at the London Pet Show. Seeing his hands-on healing in action, we were keen to know more about his Nine to Fido. Rob has been practicing Reiki for 13 years.

Tell us about a regular working day
The great thing about my work is that no two days are ever exactly the same. Being both a practitioner and a teacher means that I spend some of my day treating either animals or people or both, and also preparing for my next course.

For my Reiki sessions, I provide a mobile service locally to where I live in Shropshire. The beauty of Reiki is that no equipment is needed, just your hands! If I’m working with dogs or cats then I’ll usually go to the owner’s home, as it’s a less stressful environment for them. I also work with horses so this means a visit to the stables. All animals can really benefit from Reiki healing.

Part of each day is spent preparing materials for my one-day courses during which I train, and what’s called ‘attune’, other people so that they can give Reiki to their own pets, to people and even to themselves.Recently I’ve been updating my Training Manual to include sections on Reiki for Cats, Reiki for Horses, Reiki for Small Animals, and Reiki for People with Stress to add to the existing sections on Reiki for People and Reiki for Dogs. I’m really excited about the launch of my new Distance Learning Program for anyone who wants to work with animals and become a qualified Animal Healer.

Have you always been a Reiki practitioner?
No, I’ve worked in a few different areas but in all cases it has been either helping people through training or working to help animals. My last full time job was raising funds for a national animal welfare charity. I did this for eight years whilst I was using my Reiki skills to help my immediate family and friends. I launched Reiki 4 Dogs and People at Crufts in 2011. 

What made you decide to become a Reiki practitioner? 
My previous Springer Spaniel Joe. I’d had a recurring back problem so someone suggested I try a course of Reiki. This experience also opened my eyes to the healing power of the practice. At the same time Joe was suffering with arthritis in his front paws. He’d gone from an active bouncy Springer to dragging his paw on the pavement and having to take strong drugs each day. It didn’t take long for me to decide that in order to help Joe I should become a Reiki Practitioner myself. Although my training course didn’t involve any animal healing I was able to adapt what I had learnt to help relieve some of Joe’s pain.

I furthered my training in order to train others and became a Reiki Master Teacher in 2008. I always knew that I wanted to do more to help animals with my Reiki so I wrote my Reiki for Dogs course last year. Developing this into the Animal Healer Course is just a natural progression for me.

What training was involved?
In order to give hands-on Reiki healing you need to be qualified to Level 1, also called First Degree Reiki. You don’t learn Reiki in the traditional way of going to college, studying and doing exams. Instead what is important is that you are ‘attuned’ to the energy flow by a Reiki Master Teacher. This is a simple, harmless process but it is very effective because as soon as this is done you will be able to give Reiki yourself, and this is a skill will last forever. In fact the more you do Reiki the stronger the energy gets and the better healer you become.

Absolutely everyone has the ability to give Reiki healing, you don’t need any special skills, you have no need to study anatomy or physiology, and unlike some animal related qualifications the costs of training are very low too. 

What are the pros and cons of your job?
Firstly I enjoy working directly with animals on a daily basis. I love it when react positively to me and seeing their owner’s reaction to their improvements. I really enjoying passing on what I call the ‘gift of healing’ to others. Once I’ve done the attunements, everyone practices on a person before working on animals and it never ceases to amaze either myself and my students how quickly it works for them. It’s a very uplifting experience.

The cons aren’t really much of a problem thankfully. I seem to spend quite a lot of time working on social media to keep things ticking over when I’d rather be working hands-on.

What has been your most memorable doggie moment?
Cassie, a white Bulldog was bought to my clinic in my local vet’s for a free taster. She was an extremely nervous dog who wouldn’t get out of the car so I had to carry her into the consulting room. She was shaking from head to toe and wouldn’t come out from behind her Mum’s legs. After a couple of minutes she came to investigate my hands and I was able to start her treatment. Within a few minutes she had stopped shaking and 30 minutes later Cassie happily trotted off to the car. Her mum was so impressed that she has since attended one of my courses to carry on the treatment at home.

What advice would you give to someone interested in becoming an animal Reiki healer?
Be prepared to practice as the more you do the stronger the energy will flow. You need to be ready to educate people, as not everyone will have heard of Reiki or be aware of just how beneficial it can be.

To find out more about Rob’s one-day Reiki for Dogs courses or the distance learning Animal Healer program visit Reiki4dogs.co.uk. His next Shropshire course dates are 13th August, 10th September 8th October, 12th November and 10th December 2012. He’s also planning to host courses in London so if you are interested in attending email him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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