Walking Style: By Wendy H Gilmour of UK Fashion Blog Thank Fifi


Last week, I admitted to letting the side down on the style stakes and revealed how Basil was starting to cringe at my dog walking attire. In my quest for a more put together 2014, I’ve decided to raise my game by taking inspiration from stylish dog-owning individuals. 

Step forward Wendy H Gilmour of UK fashion blog, Thank Fifi and owner of Finnish Lapphund Mr K. Here she shares her style know-how to avoid stepping out to walk your pup looking like the proverbial dog’s dinner. Over to you Wendy …

FOOTWEAR. Ultimately the easiest place to go wrong on a dog walk. Practical and stylish used to sit at opposite ends of the spectrum ... that is until some clever sausage deemed sneakers 'in'.  Thank DOG said all of us.  If you're going with running shoes then I think the brighter the better, there's no hiding them anyway so you might as well make the most of them. Paired with a leather legging or skinny jean they are perfect.  If you've got your pins out then I recommend a wedge sneaker for a little bit of leg lengthening help.

ACCESSORIES & MAKE-UP. I often have hair issues on dog walks - wind, rain, cold.  Hats, hats and more hats.  I love them all year round and they make wearing your hair down 100 times more bearable. If your hair could use a wash they are also pretty handy. Sunglasses and bright lipstick are ultimate quick fix tools (not just for dog walking I must confess) - next to no make up and still looking 'done'?  That's a win when it's 8am, almost time for work and you need to walk the dog and brave the public.

SIMPLICITY. Everything in between the head and the toes I like to keep simple.  A leather or suede biker jacket works wonders for keeping you warm and you can never go wrong with well fitting jeans and a tee.  If you accessorise well then all you need are the basics.  A big scarf and some delicate jewellery are perfect (I often wear bracelets on top of jumper cuffs).

And now for my guilty secret … THERMALS. Yep, full leg, long sleeved, 100% thermals like your granny used to wear. I have a super tight fitting Icebreaker set, which are so toasty I can basically dress like a normal person, layering fine knit jumpers and blazers on top of my wooly unders.  Just don't tell anyone...

For more of Wendy and Mr K visit Thankfifi.com. We also love to get social with the pair over on Instagram. They’re definitely worth a follow. You can also take inspiration on our Dog Walking Style board over on Pinterest, which we’ll be adding to as we navigate our way through a more fashionable and stylish 2014!

All photos: Thank Fifi.






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