Hot New Buy | Growlees X Walter Glassof Tees For Humans

Every once in a while I spy a product, be it for me or Basil, that makes me do a little dance inside and think ‘oh my dog, I MUST have that’. The new 'Growlees X Walter Glassof' collaboration from my girls at Growlees has just sent my dog-i-verse into a major spin with a spectacularly awesome range of talking tee’s for humans.

My love for Growlees has been widely documented – I pretty much feature them wherever I can. It's Frida the Grenchie’s fault; she had me at underbite. Her human is cool too and between the pair of them, their collection of collar charms are pretty much an A to Z for every occasion and every kind of dog speak. 

Teaming up with French illustrator Walter Glassof, some of Growlees best phrases have been brought to life with statement tee’s for fashion hounds of the human variety. There are seven unisex t-shirts to choose from in white or grey, with either a full size chest print or pocket print design. I’ve snaffled the ‘I DON'T WALK I VOGUE’ to match Basil obviously but other catchphrases include ‘CUTE BUT PSYCHO.BUT CUTE’, ‘BEST IN SHOW’,‘LOVER NOT A BITER’, ‘NAMASTAY’, and ‘I WISH I WAS A LABRADOR IN AN UPPER CLASS FAMILY’. 

To top off my excitement, the collection was shot by Rachel Oates Pet Photography, who does all Barkarama’s shoots and stars not only the rascal that is Frida but Basil’s hombre @WinnyTheCorgi.

Growlees x Walter Glassof tee’s are priced £25 with matching Growlees dog collar charms for the coolest way to twin with your dog. Following their suit of being outspoken, I suggest you purchase IMMEDIATELY at Growlees.com

See the styles here...

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