Barkarama Loves: Art Sea Craft Sea Freehand Machine Embroidery Pet Portraits


The encounter between Art Sea Craft Sea and Barkarama at this year’s Discover Dogs was pretty special. Our jaw dropped, and the face of their creative genius, Stacey Chapman, lit up!

To quote Stacey: “Seeing your jaw drop was one of the highlights of my life! It is the kind of reaction any artist would ever dream of, so thank you for your life enhancing reaction!” When you see Stacey’s dog designs, we’re pretty sure you’ll be equally impressed …


Art Sea Craft Sea made their debut to thousands of dog lovers who’d flocked to London’s Earls Court to meet Pedigree dogs in their thousands, watch dazzling dog displays and purchase all manner of dog-friendly paraphernalia. For us, Art Sea Craft Sea freehand embroidery dog portraits were the stand out product at the event.

Based in Margate, hence the seaside-themed name, Art Sea Craft Sea is an umbrella company selling a boutique range of homemade gifts, all hand illustrated and made wherever possible from up-cycled, end of roll fabric and beach foraged items. The range includes garden signs, home signage, sea glass jewellery, tote bags, aprons and tea towels to name but a few. However, for pretty obvious reasons, we’re most tail wagging crazy for her freehand machine embroidery portraits of dogs.

Using your favourite image of your pup for inspiration, their portrait is embroidered into a unique, attractive alternative to a photograph, canvas or traditional painting, and the end result is truly wooftacular!


Ordered on commission, Stacey requires a 50% deposit to create these intricate embroidered woofs of art. Once the money business is agreed, Stacey gets to work creating a silhouette template and giving careful consideration to the tonal palate to create depth, movement and a 3D quality. For example a white dog could be designed using a whole palette of subtle pastel shades such as turquoise or green in the shaded areas. A full week is then spent at the sewing machine, meticulously sewing each hair into place and at different lengths, to emulate the direction and likeness of fur. Once the main part of the image is complete, Stacey adds finishing touches such as sparkly thread to the eyes and whiskers.


When the design is complete, you are emailed an image of the finished embroidered artwork for approval. Stacey then works with you to select a background colour preference, and it’s at this stage that you can choose your background fabric. Stacey can either select something for you to suit the artwork or you can use your own soft furnishing fabric to match your interiors. There is also the choice of having your artwork framed and unframed.



Introductory prices are £300 for an unframed A4 portrait and £360 for a framed A4 portrait. Given the hard work, detail and uniqueness of their pieces, we think this is a reasonable price. We’d certainly be happy to find an Art Sea Craft Sea design of Basil under at the bottom of our Christmas Tree. Larger pictures are available, as well as multiple dog portraits. These are priced on application at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


We love to support independent brands and doggy start-ups, especially if they are as lovely as someone like Stacey and their reason to be makes them even more special. Stacey suffered a nine-year illness and whilst her health was recovering, she wondered if her degree in illustration could pay off once again, enabling her to work from home. After receiving positive on the handmade items she was gifting her friends and family, and after much research, she decided to launch Art Sea Craft Sea to offer unusual and unique craft designs. Accompanying Stacey through her work and life is her best friend and heart and soul – Ruby, a Heinz 57 blend of Boarder Terrier, Lakeland Terrier and Jack Russell, who we think is just adorable.

Art Sea Craft Sea’s website is not live yet – it’s coming soon but we just couldn’t contain ourselves any longer. Until then you can hop on board, view their work, make contact and order commissions through Facebook.com/ArtSeaCraftSea
or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We’ll update you when their official website is live.

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