Puparazzi: Squishy-Faced Trio Boston, Bailey and Bobby


It’s been a while since our last Puparazzi post, so to make up for its absence, we bring you not one but three pup-stars – Boston the Boston Terrier, Bailey the Pug and Bobby the French Bulldog.

Keep reading to drool over their cute faces and find out more about this squishy-faced trio, as owned by flat-faced fancier Yasimin Djemal …


Boston is a four-year-old Boston Terrier. His prized possession and number one play priority on his walks is his football, which we think must be something to do with those long, lean legs! A special little soul, his dog mum says they have a unique bond and describes him as the most loving, kind and gentle dog she’s ever owned.


Bailey the Pug, who turns six this November, is responsible for keeping his dog-mum on the right path since she was 18 and has shown her the meaning of ‘man’s best friend’. He’s been with Yasimin through thick and thin, using his special Pug powers to keep her happy, strong and always show that there’s light at the end of the tunnel. A sweet little dude, his favourite pastime is sleeping and he has reigns supreme as the greedy-guts of their flat-faced family. He’s humorous at play, is easy going and likes to follow his mum everywhere.


At 18 months old, Bobby the French Bulldog is the latest addition to the pack. In his first few months with the family, he went by the name ‘devil dog’ due to the fact that he looked like an angel but acted like a devil. However, he’s managed to shake off most of his deviant ways, now being described as an intelligent dog who enjoys being challenged and taught new tricks. Out of his brothers, he’s been the easiest to train but is still very much a work in progress. Underneath it all, his mum says he’s a soppy boy at heart and is working hard to express himself in the right way.

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