Event: Discover Dogs 2013 at Earls Court, London


In two week’s time 3,000 dogs will descend upon London’s Earls Court for the 17th annual Discover Dogs event, which invites the great British public to meet with almost 200 different pedigree dog breeds and find their perfect match.

We’ve previously attended the event and can vouch for it being a great family day out, and if you’re considering bringing a dog into your life, it really is a great opportunity to find the right breed for your lifestyle and to make sure you buy your pup responsibly …

Discover Dogs gets you up close and personal with a wealth of Pedigree dogs including the UK’s most popular breed – the Labrador, the tallest breed in the UK (the Irish Wolfhound) and the smallest – the Chihuahua. If you already have a breed in mind or are looking for ideas, Discover Dogs give you the opportunity to ask lots of questions about a breed’s temperament, lifestyle needs and most importantly get contacts for responsible Kennel Club assured breeders and their Breed Clubs.

As well as heaps of fun – agility displays, heelwork demonstrations, the Scruffts dog competition and over 100 stalls selling everything you could possibly imagine for your dog – Discover Dogs is very much about making people ‘puppy aware’. Millions of Brits have been conned by rogue breeders and puppy scams, being duped to pay for a dog that doesn’t even exist via online ads or handing over hundreds of pounds for an unhealthy pup born on a puppy farm. If you are unfamiliar with the cruel practice of puppy farming, it’s quite simply breeding dogs purely for profit. The dogs are mostly kept in squalid conditions and are bred from bitches, which have been mated every season of their life. It’s really a horrid trade and to learn more, read our previous blog post on choosing a healthy, happy Pedigree dog.

Discover Dogs 2013 takes place daily from 10am to 5pm on Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th November 2013 at Earls Court 1, London. For ticket prices and further information visit Discoverdogs.org.uk.

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