Barkarama Loves: Handbags & Poobags – Tales of a Soho Boxer


For us, this chick meets canine caper is a book of firsts. It's the first dog-related story we've read rather than watched; it's our first digital read and our first ever book review. As first times go, we couldn’t have asked for a better initiation than Alice Wright's Handbags and Poobags - Tales of a Soho Boxer.

The Soho Boxer in question is Basil; author Alice’s dog. The book takes the reader on Basil’s heartwarming and mostly hilarious journey from troublesome toddler years to tear-away teens. However, this is no ordinary dog tale; the book starts with single gal Alice enjoying a fabulously glamorous life in London as a PR, shimmying her way round parties, premieres and private members clubs - until the arrival of a shiny new boyfriend and Basil the pup that is. Meet Basil below ...


With humour by the bucket-load, Alice navigates you through her ‘modern dog owner’ experiences including Basil’s visits to the pub, his first birthday party and how he was involved in her wedding, as well as the expected anecdotes such as chewed up furniture and trips to the vets. In addition to the laughs, there are also a few teary moments like when Basil comes to Alice’s rescue in her emotional time of need – all helping to make this book a truly feel-good read. For those thinking of getting a dog, we recommend you read this ‘woofs and all’ insight of dog ownership so you know what you are getting yourself into, which is mostly good stuff.

Great for holiday reading or when you are in a need of a little ‘lift’, Handbags and Poobags - Tales of a Soho Boxer by Alice Wright is available on Kindle and now in paperback from Amazon.co.uk. For more information and pictures of the gorgeous Basil, visit Facebook.com/HandbagsAndPoobags. You can also keep up with Alice on Twitter @AliceCantCook.

This Friday 6th July, we will be giving away a signed copy of Handbags and Poobags: Tales Of A Soho Boxer on Twitter. Follow us @Barkarama for details.

For part two of our Handbags and Poobags feature, Alice shares some of her favourite doggie related products, services and places so please come back and see us later in the week.

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