Tried & Tested: DIY Dog Cake Kit


If the truth be told, we're not exactly barkers for baking. Our attempts generally result in a sore tummy from too much ‘taste testing’, a finished product that is more miss than hit and a kitchen that looks like the Tasmanian Devil has just torn through it. However, we are barkers for spoiling Basil Barkarama so we decided to dust off the pinny and give this baking malarkey another shot.

Attempting to make a healthy (and safe) dog cake from scratch felt like a lofty ambition so for our first attempt at a doggy bake-off we opted for the aptly named 'Bake a Cake for your Dog' kit from the Little Barker Bakery. In exchange for our online order, we were sent a neat little package containing instructions, a special bakers one-use tray, dry mix ingredients including wheat and gluten free flour, finest Madagascan vanilla and gluten free raising agents for the cake base, plus organic carob and coconut mix to make the topping. The package also contained three little biscuit stars to decorate the cake so all we needed to add was an egg, oil, a little bit of butter and a hot oven and et voila our dog-cake creation was made!



Our verdict: cute packaging, idiot-proof instructions, simple yet effective recipe (Basil went nuts for it) and a great price point in comparison to buying all the ingredients separately, especially for the sporadic baker like one's self. Lesson learnt – food styling and its photography is an art form we are yet to master so apologies for the somewhat dodgy pics. Thumbs up!

Basil's verdict: scored highly in my ‘om nom nom’ ratings and why doesn’t she give me a slice with every meal? When do I get another one? Paws up!

The Little Barker Bakery offers a range of natural biscuit and cake dog treats made from high grade, human foods using organic and wholefood ingredients wherever possible - all of which receive a strict quality control test from their chief taster Darcey the Labradoodle. To view their range or to purchase the ‘Bake a Cake for your Dog’ kit, visit Thelittlebarker.co.uk. Get social with them too @TheLittleBarker on Twitter (v. lovely Tweeters) and Little Barker Bakery on Facebook.

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