Eats: Lily’s Kitchen Advent Calendar for Dogs


Who needs to wait for Santa Paws’ arrival when organic dog food purveyor Lily’s Kitchen are serving up a daily, lip-smackingly-good treat come December 1. Yes that’s right our four-legged amigos, Lily’s Kitchen has launched an Advent Calendar exclusively for dogs. But hurry you’ve got less than a week to get your paws on one before you can let your chops loose onto its contents.

While each day’s offering will always be a surprise you can expect all the baked goodness you’ve come to expect from the health conscious pack at Lily’s Kitchen. There’s Training Treats – bone-shaped biscuits made with fresh russet and organic Farmhouse Cheddar; Rise & Shines ¬– beer liver, fresh carrots, blackstrap molasses and alfalfa if you please, and Bedtime Biscuits made from honey, yoghurt, chamomile and passion flowers. Yum-eeeeeee!

For any Christmas cynics (we can’t imagine any of you are), treats that are just for dogs are an important purchase if you want your pet to join in the festive indulgences. Founder of Lily’s Kitchen Henrietta Morrison passes on her wisdom: “One of the highlights for many at Christmas is chocolate ... and households will be bursting with selection boxes and tins of Celebrations, but this is also one of the most poisonous times of the year for dogs and owners should be vigilant. Many dogs die each year from eating chocolate, which is extremely poisonous to them. And if they have the tiniest piece even by accident, they can become obsessed by the taste and will try even harder to find more.”

“The toxic component of chocolate is theobromine and whilst we as humans can easily metabolize theobromine, dogs process it much more slowly, allowing it to build up to toxic levels in their system. So it's important that sweet festive food stuffs like chocolate and mince pies (raisins are also toxic to dogs), aren’t left out by visitors and family members.” So there, Mrs LK has told you!

Lily’s Kitchen Advent Calendar for Dogs is priced £9.95. 

BUY NOW: Fetch.co.uk

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