Barkarama Loves | Mungo & Maud for Peanuts 


It might be April 1st – the day of all things jokes and spoofs – but your eyes are not seeing things… you can get Mungo & Maud for Peanuts but not as in the bargain basement sense. No, no, no! They’ve only gone and collaborated with the creator of our favourite animated dog, Snoopy, to create Mungo & Maud for Peanuts. 


This exciting new collection has launched to celebrate Snoopy’s 65th anniversary, and as a result your dog can now dine, play and sleep with the original Snoop-dog. The range includes an elegant, ceramic Snoopy Bowl, a crochet Snoopy Toy in retro colours (squeak included), and a Snoopy Bed complete with teeny images of Snoopy and his feathered friend Woodstock printed onto Mungo & Maud’s signature check fabric. The collection starts at £25 and up.

SHOP Mungo & Maud for Snoopy at Mungoandmaud.com. Want more Snoopy, get SOCIAL with him at Instagram.com/snoopygrams.


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