News: Basil Barkarama Turns One


Our chief reviewer and roving re-pawter Basil Barkarama celebrates his first birthday today so things are pretty exciting at Barkarama HQ today. For us, it seems like only yesterday since we brought him home, pup-in-arms and we can’t imagine life without his lively, little fun self.

We’ve been reflecting on what’s happened over last 12 months and for a young dog, Basil has stacked up some impressive achievements on his canine CV. At just one year old, he’s already found himself in the arms of famous male model David Gandy (some pups have all the luck); starred in his own photo-shoot for Tilly’s Studio – more of that to come; failed miserably at a Paw Pageant, and has not one but two cushions designed in his honour by interiors and fabric designer Nikki Szabo.

This mighty pup has also managed to tick no less than 12 items off his bucket list of 50 things every dog should do in their lifetime including:

  1. Cheer your owner up when they are down
  2. Have a favourite local pub – the Tower Arms in South Weald, Brentwood right near his favourite walking spot Weald Park
  3. Have your own social media page – he’s on Twitter @BasilBarkarama
  4. Have your own spot on the sofa – right in the corner so you better get out of the way
  5. Sleep in a boutique dog hotel – nearby 5-star Essex Pooch Palace obvs
  6. Attend a family picnic – we finally went for one last Thursday on what appears to have been the last day of summer. Boo hoo!
  7. Sleep in your owner’s bed – guilty as charged and he especially likes to dive under the covers to get nice and toasty
  8. Ruin a pair of slippers or shoes – luckily not mine
  9. Wake your owner up with a big wet, stinky kiss  - he excels with the stinky bit
  10. Bound through a forest - to see Basil in full racing action is quite the spectacle
  11. Receive your own birthday card – today of course
  12. Rip the stuffing out of a pillow or cushion – the little sod has carried this one out on both of his cat brother’s beds, and he wonders why they’re not so keen on him

Rather than a big blow out, canine celebrations will be staggered with today involving a steak dinner, his favourite treats and generally being allowed to do what he wants. Later this week it’s presents, grandparents arrival and a mini-park-party. It’s a dog’s life hey? Happy 1st birthday Basil Barkarama!

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Photo credit: Tilly’s Studio

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