Basil's Blog: Starting the New Year with a Doggy Bucket List


Firstly let us wish you a Happy New Year. We hope you had as great a break as we did with our pup Basil, who’s pictured above posing with our joint Christmas haul - bit a of a doggy theme this year as you can see. We’ve only had him for five weeks but it’s hard to imagine life without our little ‘American Gent’. Anyway that's enough gushing for one post, there's a shiny, New Year to address.

Rather than making lots of resolutions, we’re kicking off 2013 with a ‘to do’ list. However, this is not your average chore list, it’s a bucket list of 50 things every dog should do in their lifetime. Compiled by TV vet Marc Abraham and MORE TH>N Pet Insurance, details of these must-do experiences popped up in our inbox at the tail end of 2012 and we decided then that our New Year mission was to make a serious dent in this 50-strong list. So in 2013 Basil will be picking off activities from the following list and we will share his efforts as he ticks each one off. Should you also decide to tackle the bucket list with your own dog, we’d love to hear your stories – send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or submit a comment below.

  1. Flop down in front of a roaring fire   
  2. Go for a swim in the sea   
  3. Go mad in the snow   
  4. Do the ‘Beethoven shake’ and soak everyone around you   
  5. Dig up a flower bed   
  6. Have your own spot on the sofa   
  7. Accompany your owner on a run/cycle ride   
  8. Attend a family picnic   
  9. Help your owner bag a date   
  10. Cheer your owner up when they are down   
  11. Visit a different continent  
  12. Roll around in a really stinky, muddy puddle   
  13. Ruin a pair of slippers or shoes   
  14. Sleep in your owner’s bed   
  15. Wake your owner up with a big wet, stinky kiss   
  16. Chase a cat during a dream   
  17. Learn another language (well for ‘sit’ in at least two languages)   
  18. Join in a football game in the park   
  19. Meet a famous dog (such as Pudsey)   
  20. Try your paws at dancing   
  21. Learn to speak English (howl words will do)   
  22. Get filthy within 30 minutes of a bath   
  23. Howl along to your favourite song   
  24. Ride in an open top car   
  25. Learn to skateboard   
  26. Have a personalised Christmas stocking   
  27. Show the postman who’s boss   
  28. Try to follow a squirrel up a tree   
  29. Be a ring bearer at a wedding   
  30. Go to work with your owner   
  31. Have your own social media page (Facebook/Twitter)   
  32. Bound through a forest   
  33. Have a personalised Kennel   
  34. Go on a boat and get your sea legs     
  35. Play Frisbee on the beach   
  36. Receive your own birthday card   
  37. Steal someone’s lunch when they’re not looking   
  38. Create a diversion and steal another dog’s dinner   
  39. Watch an entire episode of ‘The Washing Machine’   
  40. Eat doggy ice cream   
  41. Receive a doggy birthday cake   
  42. Run a doggy marathon   
  43. Rip the stuffing out of a pillow or cushion   
  44. Unwrap Birthday presents   
  45. Watch Lassie on TV   
  46. Be in a family portrait   
  47. Have a stand off with your own reflection   
  48. Have a favourite local pub   
  49. Star in a YouTube video  
  50. Sleep in a boutique dog hotel

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