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Festive greetings my four-legged friends, how have you been? Sorry for my recent absence but if truth be told, I’ve been sulking. I had a lump removed from my head a month back, which left me with a row of ugly stitches and an even bigger lump while the wound heeled so with both my tarnished appearance and the cold weather, I’ve been mostly hibernating.

However, the recent arrival of a large package addressed to yours truly has successfully snapped me out of my sulk and got me back into my normal social swing. For this, I have John Lewis and their wooftacular pet department to thank …

Word of John Lewis’ pet-friendly online shop first appeared on Barkarama back in summer, and it appears that in time for Christmas they’ve gone from strength to strength signing up some of my favourite brands. They also get my paws up for their cute ‘Bear and the Hare’ ad, which dog mum and I just love to watch over and again. They obviously think that animals rule!

This is only my second Christmas and from what I recall, it equals toys, treats, plentiful cuddles, loafing around and lots of tasty morsels for me to steal. Fun times! With the arrival of my whopping doggy box from John Lewis, my Christmas has most definitely come early!

Pride of place is my new Mungo & Maud Bolster Dog Bed. Effortlessly stylish, it’s just the kind of luxury I like and as much as I hate to admit it, my horrid ginger cat brothers even look cool in it when they try to borrow it. With the choice of four padded sides to flop my head down on, I’ve loved nothing more than stretching out for a snooze made all the more better when mum tucks me up in my favourite blanket. Zzzzzzzz …. 


My other Mungo & Maud treats included a Rubber Gum Bear chew toy, which I can’t wait to sink my teeth into, their sweet-smelling "Petite Amande" dog shampoo and a generously sized bag of delicious organic granola dog biscuits in their own reusable treat bag.


To help me look my best for the festive party season and most importantly when I go to see Santa Paws at Lily’s Kitchen dog grotto, I’ll be wearing my new dapper Blue check bow tie dog collar and lead by Purple Bone.


Beefing up my toy box and keeping me amused on the miserable winter days are my new Mutts & Hounds Bone Print Dog Bone and Purple Bone’s Duck Rope Toy, both of which I’ve already enjoyed chewing, slobbering all over and chasing after.


I can’t quite believe what a lucky boy I’ve been and it’s not even Christmas yet. Shop these items and more now at Johnlewis.com.

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