Basil’s Blog: A Tail-Spinning Few Months


It’s been such a long time since ‘she’ has given me Basil’s Blog airtime, so while she's been gallivanting at one of her bestie’s weddings, I’ve been kicking back at chez Grandparents’, crafting a whistle-stop tour post of my action-packed life of late. Here’s an insight into my life as a not-so-average Boston Terrier …

  1. Top of the list – I, ME, BASIL BARKARAMA, has been accepted onto the Pets As Therapy scheme. I start my new job next Tuesday and can’t wait!
  2. You can find me in a book. Not any old book mind but THE doggy book of the summer – Phileas Dogg’s Guide to Dog-Friendly Holidays in Britain. Purchase your copy and discover my guide to dog-friendly Essex, along with over 300 dog-friendly destinations around the country.
  3. In my quest to be doggy model du jour, I’ve been asked to partake in a shoot later this month for my favourite luxury pet outfitters Mungo & Maud. More of that to come I’m sure.  
  4. In May last month I appeared at the All About Dogs show in Brentwood, crowning Essex’s Best Dressed Dog, as well as puckering up in a retro kissing booth to raise funds for a local animal charity. My squishy mush managed to sell over 100 kisses.
  5. I’ve gone ‘raw’! Most days you will catch me racing down the stairs to chomp on a bowl of my new favourite food, Natural Instinct. My coat’s never been so shiny, my step so springy. Expect a full review of my new eating habits soon. 
  6. On the subject of food, I was one of the first furry few to try out PipsDish Dog Lovers Sunday Lunch in Covent Garden. With a well-behaved crowd, a stylish backdrop and tasty food for both human and hound, it’s an event not to me missed. The next one is scheduled for 13 July. Read our dog-friendly venue review and don’t miss out!
  7. From one event to another, this Saturday 14 June I’ll be walking alongside Attlee Common of dog-friendly travel blog Phileas Dogg in the Dogs Unite charity walk in aid of Guide Dogs. Apparently we get to wander through the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, we get to wear a cape and there’s lots of fun to be had. Hopefully see you there?
  8. I am almost at the half way mark for completing my bucket list of 50 things a dog should do in their lifetime. If I carry on at this pace, I will have it licked by the time I am five!
  9. In other and not so good news, the rivals for my parent’s affections, Winston and Nelson, now influence a new monthly column on Barkarama called Cat-a-Rama. God damn them. 
  10. Worse than those pesky pussies, I’ve recently been forced to wear the CONE of SHAME! The horror of such an unsightly and obstructive accessory brings shivers to a well-heeled hound like myself. However, the vets were kind enough to customise it, to create something with a little more pizzazz (scroll down) and the evil thing comes off today.



To keep abreast of my adventures, follow me @BasilBarkarama on Twitter or on @Barkarama on Instagram.

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Photo credits: Helenrosemier.com

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