Basil Barkarama & Tilly’s Studio: The Photo-Shoot


Yesterday we shared behind the scenes photos from our roving repawter’s visit to Tilly’s Studio. Today, it’s time to reveal some of our favourite shots from the professional dog photo-shoot and debut Basil’s first appearance on screen in his very own video ...

To recap, Tilly’s Studios is a photo studio exclusively for dogs and their owners based in West London. It’s a shared experience for you and your dog that we highly recommend. We had so much fun watching Basil work the camera and he definitely loved all he attention and bribery treats that were thrown his way.

Basil was treated to the all singing, all dancing Deluxe package, which includes a video and his own profile on Tilly’s friends page but the Tilly’s Studio experience can be enjoyed for as little as £50. Here’s how Basil got on with his shoot.








Basil's visit to Tilly's Studio was also documented in his own short film - see if you can count the number of times he does his signature move; the nose twitch! We counted ten.

A one-hour photo shoot at Tilly’s Studio costs just £50 and includes a post-shoot viewing of your dog in all their photographic glory plus a 12” x “8 print of your choice with the option to buy other prints. For more information or to book, visit Tillysstudio.com.

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