-rama, is a noun suffix meaning: "sight, view, spectacular display or instance of". Add that to the end of ‘Bark’ and you get us - BARKARAMA - and our display of what we consider spectacular in the world of dog.

BARKARAMA spotlights the modern dog trends, petwear and product must-haves capturing the interest of me – Alex Frith / devoted owner and my Boston Terrier - the gorgeous Basil. Ever the social pair, we also love discovering hangouts where dogs receive a warm welcome. Hailing from a multi-paw household you’ll find the occasional bit of cat chat too.

About me… long-term dog, shopping and fashion obsessive. Lifestyle PR. Talks a lot – especially about dogs. Beyond Barkarama, you'll sometimes catch me writing pet product content for the Townandcountry.co.uk

About Basil… chief reviewer, roving repawter, ridiculously good looking, Pets As Therapy volunteer and professional dog model.

Please note that Barkarama is more about generating content for fun than making a living but to help cover our costs, we sometimes run ads, sponsored posts and affiliate links where we receive a nominal fee or a small % from certain companies if you use our link to buy their product. However, we’d never write about something we wouldn't be happy to buy, eat or use, and have turned down £££s where we have felt the fit wasn’t right. If you are interested in working with us, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

PHOTOGRAPHY: Racheloatespetphotography.com

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